McLachlan Lister’s PMWeb information web site is now live !


McLachlan Lister, as part of Hill International, the largest implementing re-seller of PMWeb globally, has just launched its new PMWeb information web site.

McLachlan Lister’s PMWeb Information Site

Our Group has completed more than 100 PMWeb implementations in the last 5 years. We’re also a PMWeb user ourselves, with two PMWeb installations – one in the USA and one in the Equinix Data Centre in Sydney. We developed both from scratch. With more than 500 users on our own PMWeb systems, running many billions of dollars in projects, we can speak with a great deal of experience when advising on not only the product itself and how to go about implementing it; but also the detail of running programs, projects and contracts in PMWeb on a daily basis.

We keep our clients’ business interests and directions in mind, challenging the norm and offering and implementing innovative solutions. All of our work is underpinned by solid project management principles. We don’t just theorise; we deliver practical solutions that can be implemented and deliver results.

For more information on PMWeb or if you have any questions please Contact Us on our new website.

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