The PMWeb Difference

PMWeb stands in a unique position in terms of its rapid adoption globally. This is the result of its development as a web-based solution from first principles and its incorporation of “lessons learned” from major programs of capital works over the last nine years since it was launched in 2007.

Prior to 2007, PMWeb was providing add-on solutions for existing third-party products – products that, while effective in their specific areas of operation, had been growing historically by developing “add-ons” or “bolt-ons” over many years. The net results were issues in configuration and inter-operation of the various components, complicated by an overlay of the rapid growth in web-based technologies.

PMWeb resolved to develop a 100% web-based solution that is built on technologies such as Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services; together with a high level of “out of the box” interoperability with common delivery tools such as Excel, Word, MS Project and Primavera.

After six years of further development and a global user community of many thousands, PMWeb now provides:

A high level of “out of the box” functionality specifically developed to manage the entire lifecycle of capital works projects
Comprehensive roll-ups from project to program to portfolio level with powerful dashboard/ reporting functionality
Powerful Visual Workflow and Gating tools that can be applied to any element in the project life cycle
A state-of-the-art architecture that allows ready integration with virtually any existing system or software configuration – even bespoke legacy systems
Fully developed “out of the box” integrations with Excel, Word, MS Project and Primavera
A Modular approach, allowing a Client to acquire the specific functionality it requires on “Day One” and then increase functionality over time
A high level of User customisation capabilities, reducing the need for engaging third-parties to modify the operation of PMWeb as a Client’s own processes and systems change over time
The demands of modern project lifecycle management – including the need for ready access to real-time data and responsive reporting on that data – have increased the functionality required in this sort of software to the point that few if any providers can deliver the full range of what is required. PMWeb can and does.

More information

Please Contact Us if you would like more information on PMWeb, including access to any of the restricted linked pages on this site.

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